About us


The Clínica dentária d'avenida, was founded in 1984 by António Pereira and was always based on the interconnection between innovation and technology associated to high levels of health quality. Management has always involved the most advanced sterilization techniques, the use of innovative auxiliary means of diagnosis, individual x-ray chairs, etc.

In 1989 all the administrative area of the clinic was computerized: file management, clients and medical offices, planning programmes, and treatment registration, a reflection of an innovative attitude. 

In 1995, a new subsidiary was inaugurated in Matosinhos with the same concept of management and work based on the innovation and technologies available in the mother clinic in Vila Nova de Gaia. 

The growth of this health unit led to the need of dividing treatments by speciality. The investment was focused on three fields: adults, children, and surgery. Now, Clínica dentária d'avenida has in its team several specialities of dental medicine.

In 2001, Antonio Pereira took on the position of administrative director, and kept his clinical duties, and his son, Nuno Pereira, assumed the position of clinical director. Nuno Pereira is a post-graduate in implantology with a clinical residency of 2 years by the University of New York.

The Clínica dentária d'avenida keeps up with the new technological concepts by using last generation autoclaves, ultrasound, washing and sterilizing machine, panoramic and individual digital x-ray with doctor and patient monitoring, leaving behind films and developing solvents thus giving a step forward towards the preservation of the environment, to the quality of the scans and to reducing patient's radiation.

The clinic also has laser therapy for teeth whitening, surgical office for inhalation analgesia (conscious sedation) for cases like oral surgeries, treatment of troublesome children and anxiety and fear issues on adults.

After several years of experience, the Clinica dentária d'avenida shows its ability in providing services in its field of operation always targeted at the maximum satisfaction of its patients by providing high quality services and facilities. Thriving for the continuing improvement of its services, this organization is committed to quality applied to the entire clinic's structure.

Medical Team

Nuno Pereira - Director Clínico


Post-graduate in Implantology by the University of New York and Post-graduate in Aesthetics by the European Orthodontic Centre


António Pereira


Post-graduate by the European Orthodontic Centre


Pedro Alvito

Fixed Prosthesis

Masters in Fixed Prosthesis by the C.E.M.D.A


Diana Ribeiro

Oral Surgery

University Specialist in implatology by the University of Santiago de Compostela; Phd student in Oral Surgery and oral Medicine at the FMDUP (Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto)


Isabel Pinto


Post-graduate in Endodontics by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Santiago de Compostela


Margarida Teixeira


Post-graduate in Endodontics by the University of Barcelona


Conceição Marques

Dental Aesthetics

Post-Graduate in Dentistry by the School of Health Sciences - South


Patrícia Pereira

Paediatric Dentistry


Jonas Nunes

Breath Consultation

Member of the Portuguese Dental Association no. 4943 – Dentist, Graduated by the University of Lisbon.
Masters in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology Ph.D. in Halitosis with European referral (United Kingdom and Italy Honorary member of the Stomatology Department of the University of Seville


Mª Fátima Teixeira

Post-Graduate in Orthodontics by the European Orthodontic Centre and Masters in Implantology by the European Implantology Centre

Filipe Silva

Oral Hygiene

Head of department, Graduate by the Alto Ave Health School


Cristiano Carvalho

Oral Hygiene

Graduate by the Alto Ave Health School


Cláudia Rodrigues

Oral Hygiene

Graduate by the Alto Ave Health School


Jorge Almeida


Post-Graduate in Occlusion by the I.I.M.D.S


Miguel Lamas

Oral Surgery

Post-Graduate in Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine by the University Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III


Gabriela Pereira

Graduate in Dental Medicine by the School of Health Sciences -North and Assistant Professor at the University Fernando Pessoa


Carla Gomes

Paediatric Dentistry

Post-Graduate in Paediatric Dentistry and Preventive Dentistry by the I.I.M.D.S


Ilda Cruz

Paediatric Dentistry

Post-Graduate in Paediatric Dentistry by the I.I.M.D.S


Sérgio Martins


Post-Graduate in Occlusion and Temperomandibular dysfunctions by the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto


José Lopes


Masters in Periodontology by the School of Health Sciences - North


Francisco Oliveira


Post-Graduate by the University of New York


Marisa Moreira

Removable Prosthesis

Graduate in Dental Prosthesis by the Vale do Sousa School of Health


Sofia Teixeira

Speech Therapy

Post-Graduate Therapist in Orofacial motricity